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Judy is extremely passionate about her students and their development. The love and care she shows with them is amazing. She coached my teenage daughter for her college auditions and her guidance gave her confidence and the knowledge she need for her auditions. The great acting choices Judy helped my daughter make played a key role in getting her accepted into many great universities. I am extremely thankful to have found Judy and would highly recommend her.


--Samantha Porter

Judy is the most incredible soul, actress, director, and joyous educator you will ever meet. Anytime I am in her extremely generous and energetic presence, I am constant stunned that I was able to share that little bit of light and fun with her. Her mind-boggling theater, film and TV acting resume does only small justice to the deep and humble person she is.

--Kurt Kanazawa, Actor

Judy is a standout among coaches I have used! She is not only great with modern dramatic/comedic text, but she is also great at teaching classical work to actors. Judy is extremely knowledgeable and able to break down a script in a matter of seconds. She is able to deeply personalize a character's life in a way that makes everything understandable and more simple. By coaching with Judy I have made discoveries I never would have been able to on my own. I believe her greatness comes from her care and how important she realizes our work is as actors.


--Laurel Porter

"Judy is such a fantastic coach, she has an ease and simplicity in her approach of the work that is so encouraging when trying to tackle a new audition or part. She is very insightful with material and I appreciate the confidence and understanding I walk away with after having spent time with her. 


I was also fortunate to be a student of Judy during my Grad school years and often remember quotes from her class that ring so true. I'm very thankful to have Judy as a resource and cannot recommend her enough."

--Emily Rose, Actor, Haven, Graceland and Uncharted

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